Anything to declare?

12/04/2021 reminds mental health sufferers to tell their insurerof their condition before going on holiday

In support of Mental Health Action Week (23-29 March), leading specialist travel insurance provider,, is highlighting the importance of declaring all mental health issues to their insurer and buying the appropriate travel cover before going on holiday.

Many people believe that declaring a mental illness can add significant costs to their travel plans. Some, therefore, risk travelling without declaring their condition which could result in them facing unexpected costs should they fall ill while abroad, or have to cancel their holiday. However, is keen to highlight that competitive cover can be provided for mild cases of depression from as little as £14.71, which means those wanting to travel the world should have no reason not to declare their condition.

“With one in five people suffering from depression at some point in their lives and more than 2.9 million people in the UK diagnosed as having depression at any one time* it’s really important that travellers don’t assume mental health conditions are automatically covered and that they shop-around for a travel policy that caters for their needs” says Iain Sykes, Managing Director of

“We want to recognise Mental Health Action week by reminding people that they can get travel insurance to cover all types of mental health conditions including mild and severe depression. Our goal is to make travel possible, without being restricted by the cost of insurance, simply because of pre-existing mental health conditions.”

Appropriate travel insurance will provide cover if an individual becomes too ill to travel and has to cancel or postpone a trip because of their illness. Alternatively, they may forget their medication or lose it during their trip. These are events that are easily managed at home, but could need the support or financial assistance provided by a travel insurer when abroad.

Sykes concludes, “The danger is that some people may travel without the proper travel insurance for their mental health condition, leaving them at financial risk should something go wrong on their trip. For example, if a mental illness manifests itself either before the holiday, or during the holiday, the traveller will be liable for costs arising from hospitalisation or other medical treatment or charges from cancelling or changing their plans. These costs can be significant. But it doesn’t have to be like this. offers affordable travel insurance for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, including mental health issues, allowing them to enjoy trips abroad knowing they are covered should the worst happen.”